Standing with Our Asian & Pacific Islander Community

The Tucson LGBT Chamber of Commerce stands in solidarity with the Asian and Pacific Islander communities surrounding the recent surge hate crimes and violence in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Chamber condemns acts of violence and racism and recognizes that showing solidarity is important to create a just, equitable, and safe society.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, due to the previous administration’s anti-Asian rhetoric about COVID, there has been an increase of violent attacks on the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. Recent incidents on the West Coast, as documented here and here, show elders being violently attacked and/or robbed on the streets. One senseless incident in which attackers rushed and shoved and 84 year old man in San Francisco resulted in his death a few days later.

While the majority of these attacks have struck cities far from Tucson, we know how being targeted has shock-wave effects throughout all communities, especially our very own Asian and Pacific Islander communities here.

Racism and discrimination against Asians in the U.S. is particularly troubling due to the invisibility of the problem. Asians have been categorized in the U.S. as “model immigrants” and are often ignored when thinking about the impacts of a white supremacist society on minority groups. It is only when acts of hatred and violence erupt that our country’s long history of racism towards Asians is seen. The uptick of violence towards the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities during the COVID crisis is a reminder that they are either invisible or used as scapegoats and seen as other.

We see you. And we pledge to support and stand in solidarity with the Asian and Pacific Islander communities during this and all incidents of racist-fueled attacks.

If you are looking for other ways to support these communities on your own, here are some links, both to organizations in California (especially the Bay area where many of the attacks have be concentrated) and Arizona:

In line with our mission of Education and Advocacy, we encourage all people (but especially white allies) to stand against hateful microaggressions such as mislabeling COVID-19. We also hope our members, in line with our values of Inclusion, Community, Equity, and Intersectional Diversity, will think critically about the insidious ramifications of “jokes” and memes and speak out when they witness these harmful stereotypes being perpetuated. Standing up to ones’ peers can be unnerving – for more information and advice on how to confront microaggressions, we recommend this article.

The Tucson LGBT Chamber stands with our Asian and Pacific Islander communities during this hurtful time.

We see you, we’re here for you and we support you.

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