July Business of the Month: Animal Ally of Arizona

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Nancy McDonald is Tucson’s premiere provider of therapeutic massage for dogs. She also provides customized treatment for animal companions of all kinds integrating Reiki, acupressure, essential oils and sound therapy.  These gentle, non-invasive modalities provide crucial support in your animal’s own healing process, allowing him or her to return to a natural state of health.

As your pet ages, they may be slowing down and experiencing some stiffness and pain; they may be limping or having trouble getting up after lying down. Perhaps your dog is in pain from a back injury, or is recovering from an illness or surgery. Maybe your dog has just come back from a major hike or other sporting event and is feeling sore—animals experience many of the same aches and pains from activity and injury as do humans.

Emotional distress can also impact your animal’s health and wellbeing. Your cat may be anxious and prone to hiding in the closet when stressed. Or maybe you’ve just adopted a pet from the shelter and they are having trouble settling in.

Whatever the primary source of discomfort for your pet may be, Nancy’s expert and soothing approach can help your animal adjust to the challenges they are experiencing.

Massage plays an important role in keeping your companion healthy, active and pain free at all ages. Animal massage has a rich history dating back to the Egyptians and Romans and in modern times continues to provide the extra support that your loving pet may need, in addition to standard veterinary services. If you haven’t yet tried massage and holistic hands-on healing for your pet, you will be pleasantly surprised at the results. Give Nancy a call today to help your pet feel and move better!


The business of the month is selected through a drawing held at the Chamber’s monthly breakfast and receives all the same perks as a breakfast sponsor, but at no cost. Come to breakfast, drop off your business card at the registration desk, and you might be business of the month!


July Business of the Month: Animal Ally of Arizona
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