November Business of the Month: Caritas Center for Healing

We are a group of caring and professional holistic health practitioners dedicated to helping clients heal from the inside out. We offer a wide variety of therapies, classes, and workshops, including acupuncture, massage, Egoscue, movement and mindfulness classes, couples counseling and more. Our goal at Caritas is to provide you guidance, knowledge, and support as you walk your own path of healing.

Founded in 2007, Caritas Center for Healing is located in a green-certified building in the historic Armory Park neighborhood close to downtown Tucson. Our name comes from the Latin caritas, meaning altruistic love or loving-kindness. (In Greek, the word is agape.) To us, the word represents the foundation of natural healing and underlies all the healing modalities we offer.

330 E. 16th St.
Tucson AZ 85701

(520) 624-2743

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November Business of the Month: Caritas Center for Healing
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