Out & About Host: Caritas Center for Healing

Caritas, a healing center founded on love (which is what Caritas means in Latin), is hosting its first ever Out and About!  Karen Olson and company look forward to meeting you there for food, fun and singing!

While mixing with other LGBT chamber members and friends of Caritas, tune your ears into live music from Caritas founder/owner, Karen, and her friends, Curt Beall and Susan Milici.  Taste delicious treats from a local restaurant with gluten free and vegetarian options!  

You will be able to sample a variety of healing methods via mini healing sessions with holistic practitioners that will be available on site. You may get lucky by winning one of the raffles that will allow you to take a deeper dive into healing at the root source. All holistic healing methods aim to activate your body/mind/soul’s inherent tendency to move toward greater health, harmony and balance!

Prove your relational wisdom and knowledge of healing in a game that will have winners all around!

Experience it all in the natural environment of the newly renovated healing center, featuring American Clay on the walls and bamboo flooring in the classroom!

Every first Thursday of the month, a Chamber member hosts an informal evening Out & About gathering. You can register for this month’s Out & About and you can sign up to host one yourself!

Out & About Host: Caritas Center for Healing
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