After the Shootings at Pulse in Orlando

After Orlando

As we are in the midst of Pride Month for the LGBT community, an annual time for celebration, we woke up to news of the mass killing in Orlando, Florida.

Friends knew friends that were in the night club last night. We are not a community of strangers but a community that strives to show respect for all, constantly show compassion, and work toward greater equality for everybody.

There are many ways to promote these qualities so that today’s tragedy does not happen again. Participate in your community, have your presence known, and speak up for those who cannot. Together we can fight ignorance and prejudices and create a better world.

For those who are grieving from the ‪Pulse‬ shooting or any other loss, you are not alone. If you need someone to talk to, you can call the Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse’s Community-Wide Crisis Line at (520) 622-6000 for immediate crisis support or HOPE’s Warm Line at (520) 770-9909 for emotional support.

After the Shootings at Pulse in Orlando
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