Statement on Black Lives

Back view of young african american man wrapped in a rainbow flag standing with raised fist isolated on black background.

We are entering a major season of change in our community, our nation, and our world. The Tucson LGBT Chamber of Commerce stands in support of Black Lives Matter and the BIPOC community in Tucson and Southern Arizona. 

First and foremost, Black Lives Matter. 

We acknowledge that we have not experienced the specific oppression, terror or brutality faced by Black Americans. 
We acknowledge the long history of racial oppression and the atrocities that have led the need for people to stand up for themselves and take direct action in fighting back against that oppression, violence, & murder. How people protest should not be judged, criticized or questioned. 

We ask all our chamber members to take time to learn more about the nature of institutional racism in our communities and organizations as well as evaluate our own internalized biases.

Find out more info here about Black Lives Matter:

We ask all LGBTQI+ businesses and people to stop and listen to those who are now fighting for their equality and to find a personal way to support systemic changes. 

We denounce white supremacy in all its forms. 

We encourage our community to learn about the history of this oppression and the long suffering of the Black community that have led up to this point again in Black folx’ lives. 

We acknowledge that there are still very real and immensely powerful elements of our government, social, police, and economic systems that historically support white people to the exclusion of all others. 

We encourage our members and the community to listen to the voices of Black people so we can understand and lift Black folx up and support them in every and any way they need. 

We acknowledge the need for more BIPOC inclusion and representation within the Tucson LGBT Chamber. We understand there is a definite gap and we are brainstorming ways to allow for more inclusion and for everyone to feel safe and welcome. 

The Tucson LGBT Chamber encourages our members to acknowledge white privilege in our interactions with police agencies. We also encourage our members to apply a critical lens in taking renewed interest in the role of white supremacy in American history. We acknowledge that it is not the responsibility of Black folx to educate white people about racism, discrimination, and the systemic issues surrounding all of us. It is not the responsibility of Black folx to comfort us nor give us space. It is our responsibility to give all Black folx support, space, and care in whatever way they deem necessary. The responsibility for change lies squarely on white people and those in the majority who have benefited from systemic racism. 

We hope you stand with us in support of all those directly targeted by these racist acts and systemic oppression. It is our ask that our membership will do its part to be actively anti-racist, speak out and elevate Black voices now and into the future. We are the change and should be the example.

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