Who We Are

We are Tucson LGBT Chamber of Commerce’s Ambassador Committee. Our goal as Ambassadors is to support all aspects of membership, sponsorship, INreach for inclusivity with our members and OUTreach with our community to both be representative and visible in the community. And we want YOU to join us! If you want to find out more about being an Ambassador–or you would like to meet with an Ambassador to learn more about Gaymber membership–scroll down to contact us through the form below.

What We Do

Tucson LGBT Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Committee is committed to connecting with and supporting our LGBTQIA+ community + allies in real and tangible ways by engaging in ambassador INreach and OUTreach through:

  • Representing LGBTQIA+ communities and allies
  • Convening and offering a friendly and supportive space
  • Actively involving and engaging with members and community
  • Connecting to business resources in the Gaymber

What You Can Expect

Some examples of what you can expect from the Ambassador committee:

  • Represent: A friendly presence during virtual or in-person Gaymber events and sponsored events out in community.
  • Convene: A smiling face and support whether you’re new or this has been your gig since the 90’s at our monthly breakfasts.
  • Engaged: Connecting with new members to let them know who we are, and let them know of upcoming events we have going on with the Gaymber and Gaymber members. In 2024 we will begin to send appreciation notes to our members during the months when they celebrate their Gaymber anniversaries.
  • Involved: Building relationships by having coffee out in community, attending community events, and supporting any important meetings
  • Connect: Reaching out after Gaymber events to get information and feedback of how we can support the members within our organization.

How To Get Involved

Have you ever wanted to get more involved with the Gaymber, but don’t know how, the time required or the role you can play? THIS IS JUST THE PLACE FOR YOU.

Our committee cares about connecting and further expanding upon what we do so well at the Gaymber and that’s Represent, Convene, Involve, Engage and Connect with one another. We are always open to those who wish to give their time, talent and treasure to the community.We officially launched our Ambassadors in August of 2023 and hope that 2024 brings new growth and opportunity. The greatest part is YOU get to decide how much time you want to dedicate through process, new memberships, existing member support, social outings and community events. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact the Ambassador team through the form below. Thank you.